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Electronic compendium of EPFL laws, ordinances, regulations and directives

Welcome to the Polylex site whose objective is to provide the faculty, staff and students of the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne with a compendium of the legal texts currently in force. These legal texts are grouped into and listed under eight main sections, for each of which one person is responsible.

The legislative competences of the EPFL Direction have their source in the Federal Act on the Federal Institutes of Technology, which governs particularly the threefold mission of EPFL (education, research and technology transfer), its organisation and its autonomy.

The ordinances determine the principles applicable and the rights and obligations in a specific domain (organisation of EPFL, EPFL staff, technology transfer). The directives and rules and regulations are secondary documents and determine the details and procedures to be followed.

We will be pleased to receive any comments or suggestions you may have concerning the content of this site – please address them to David Gozel.

General Counsel
Susan Killias

Please note that if English translations of the legal texts do not already exist, the original French titles are given.