Web and Email Guidebook on monitoring the use of Internet and e-mail

Utilisation Internet et courrier électronique September 2013 Françoise Chardonnens
This guidebook promulgated by the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) deals first and foremost with the main network applications, the traces which they leave, the interests at stake for employers and the technical protection measures which the latter may take. It goes on to outline the current legal framework and states under which terms web surfing and e-mail may be monitored by employers. If further draws attention to the consequences of misusing Internet and of illegal surveillance. The main points are summarised in various enclosures providing diagrams and model rules and regulations.

6.3.2 Website addresses (URL)

Directive concerning the validation of website designations and acronyms 1st November 2010, statut as at 1st January 2017 Françoise Chardonnens
All machines connected to the EPFL computer network (EPNET) use the domain name “epfl.ch”. It is not permitted to make EPFL IT equipment accessible via a domain name other than “epfl.ch”, regardless of the technical means employed, except in certain special cases defined in this directive.

6.3.3 Email

Directive concerning collective email 25 June 2007, Status as at 31 October 2018 Françoise Chardonnens
This directive stipulates who is entitled to send a collective email and the conditions that must be respected.