Investment Policy

5.7.1 Cash management agreement

Convention de trésorerie 1st January 2008 Yves Allegri
This agreement defines the general principles regarding remuneration and the investment of third-party funds of institutions of the EPF Domain.

5.7.2 Investments

Directive de placement – document du CEPF 1st January 2008 Caroline Kuyper
This directive defines the principles of the investment policy for third-party funds and the tasks, competences and responsibilities of the bodies in charge of fund management and supervision.

5.7.3 Rules and regulations regarding cash management

Rules and Regulations regarding Financial Management 14th June 2010, status as at 1st January 2017 Yves Allegri

 The aim of the cash management manual is to :

• Specify the rules regarding management of cash activities from both the strategic and operational points of view, particularly financial risk management (foreign currency and investments);
• Specify the roles, responsibilities and competences of all the persons involved ;
• Describe the main operational processes concerning cash and the key stages ;
• Constitute an ICS basis for this process.