Bachelor-Master-CMS Bachelor and Master studies


Ordinance on Bachelor and Master Studies at EPFL 14 June 2004 Frédéric George

This determines the organisation of studies at EPFL in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and the guidelines of the Conférence suisse des hautes écoles :

  1. the different stages : preparatory first year (foundation year), Bachelor programme, Master programme and Master project
  2.  the normal and maximum durations of studies permitted for each stage
  3. and, in the form of a table at the end of the ordinance, the list of all the sections, Bachelor and Master titles awarded at EPFL and the professional designations.

Study duration

EPFL students should pay attention to Art. 12 wich stipulates that the credits required for each stage must be acquired within a maximum time limit, failing which failure will be final (even without a second attempt).

2.11.2 Master and Minor programmes

Directive for Master and Minor programmes 17 October 2005, Status as at 1st January 2017 Pierre-André Besse

This directive relates to the Schools and sections when they wish to introduce new Master or Minor programmes.

2.11.4 Languages used for teaching

Directive on Teaching Languages at EPFL 1st September 2014, Status as at 1st January 2017 Frédéric George

This text stipulates the rules concerning the languages that can be used for teaching and examinations at EPFL, different rules being applicable depending on whether Bachelor or Master studies are concerned.

2.11.5 Study Advisers

Guidelines for study advisers, exchange delegates, class delegates and coaches at Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
17 October 2005, Status as at 1st September 2017 Frédéric George

This document determines the competences within the study support network. For each function, it defines the competences and tasks involved.

Art. 4 par. 6 concerns the attestation issued to class delegates by EPFL when they cease to exercise their function.

2.11.6 Study trips

Directive concerning the organisation of study trips
25 November 2004
Status as at 1st January 2017
Frédéric George

This directive stipulates the objectives and conditions (particularly the financing) of study trips.