EPFL admission Ordinance on admission to EPFL

Ordonnance concernant l’admission à l’EPFL 8 May 1995 Denise Flury
States the conditions to be fulfilled for admission to EPFL, as either a first-year or Master student.

It also stipulates all the conditions concerning the entrance examination for candidates who must take this examination in order to be admitted to their first year of studies.

2.1.1 Mobility and Master at EPFL

Directive concerning mobility at EPFL 1st January 2012, Statuts as at 13th April 2018 Denise Flury

This directive first outlines the concept of the EPFL Direction regarding student mobility.

It then states the rules applicable to vertical mobility – i.e. the admission of external students to EPFL Master studies – and finally the principles applicable to horizontal mobility, i.e. whereby a student spends one semester or one year at another university while still remaining enrolled at EPFL.
This directive is completed by the rules concerning mobility specific to each section. More information can be obtained from the person responsible for mobility in your section.