Fees and Grants Ordinance on fees

Ordonnance sur les taxes perçues dans le domaine des EPF 31 May 1995 Denise Flury

This ordinance of the ETH Board lays down the principles and rules concerning the payment of educational fees (course fees, register fees, doctorate fees) and fees for administrative procedures. The amounts of these fees are indicated in the form of a table in Annexe to the ordinance. However, the amounts of the subscriptions for Agepoly, the social fund (EPFL student foundation) and use of the sports facilities are given in the rules and regulations concerning fees LEX 2.10.1. Ordinance on grants and loans

Ordonnance sur les bourses et les prêts accordés par les EPF 1st October 1995 Frédéric George

This ordinance of the ETH Board determines the principles for the allocation of grants or loans by the EPFs to their students:

  • Students must establish their need for financial assistance;
  • An EPF grant or loan is allocated on a subsidiary basis to other sources of assistance or finance (cantonal grants, etc.);
  • Maximum amounts of grants (Art. 9).

2.10.1 Rules and regulations concerning fees

Rules and regulations concerning fees 19 January 2004
Status as at 13th April 2018
Denise Flury

These rules and regulations determine the subscriptions that students must pay to the EPFL students’ association (Agepoly), the EPFL students’ foundation, and for use of the sports facilities and accident insurance (death or disability).

2.10.2 Directive concerning the allocation of grants

Directive concerning the awarding of study LEX 2.10.2
grants and excellence fellowships by the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
23 October 2006 Statut as at 1st January 2017  Frédéric George

This directive determines the conditions regarding the allocation of study grants to Bachelor or Master students by EPFL.