Discipline Disciplinary rules and regulations


Disciplinary Rules and Regulations concerning Students of the EPFL 15 December 2008 Denise Flury

These rules and regulations determine the disciplinary measures that EPFL is entitled to take in the event of disciplinary offences on the part of students (CMS, Bachelor, Master, PhD and continuing education). They include:
• the list of disciplinary offences (Art. 2)
• the list of possible disciplinary measures (Art. 4)
• the disciplinary competences (Art. 8)
• the details of the disciplinary proceedings (Art. 9 to 12)

The aim of the disciplinary rules and regulations is to protect EPFL against any instances of wrongdoing that hinder its smooth functioning. The offence committed may also give rise to a police investigation and/or civil and criminal proceedings.

Citing of information sources

Plagiarism is unanimously considered a serious offence, punishable by sanctions imposed by EPFL, or possibly even legal action. Its practice is incompatible with the law, the Code of Honour and the Charter of Ethics.

In order to ensure the correct use of information sources by EPFL students and members, the EPFL Direction has enacted this code of ethics indicating the principles that should be adhered to.

See LEX 1.3.3 Code of Ethics concerning the Citing of Information Sources

See also : http://citation.epfl.ch/

Ce site est dédié aux étudiants, doctorants, chercheurs et enseignants. Il expose pourquoi citer, que citer, comment citer, en rappelant les règles et en donnant des exemples.

Directive concerning student use of IT resources

All EPFL students have access to numerous means of communication on the internet and therefore have obligations towards the community to which they belong. They must ensure that they never do anything to harm the image of EPFL, check the security of any computer equipment they use and respect these directives concerning use. See LEX 6.1.4 Directive on the Use of EPFL Electronic Infrastructure .