Archives 2015

Title and number of legal text
Person responsible
Approved by EPFL Direction in 2015
1.1.1 Ordinance on the organisation of the EPFL Susan Killias 1st March 2004 Status as at 1st January 2015
4.1.5 Rules and Regulations Governing Service Allowances at EPFL René Bugnion 1st January 2015
5.1.1 Financial Regulations Etienne Marclay 12 March 2012, Status as at 16th February 2015
1.4.3 Regulations concerning risk management organisation at EPFL Susan Killias 30 March 2010
Status as at 15 June 2015
5.4.1 Directive on the use of credit cards at EPFL Bertold Walther 6 October 2003, status as at 1st July 2015 Ordinance of the ETH Board for professors at the Federal Institutes of Technology René Bugnion 18 September 2003, Status as at 1st January 2015
1.9.2 Catering Committee of EPFL Etienne Marclay 7 November 2005, Status as at 1st December 2015