Report instances Directives concerning the Ombud’s Office of the ETH Board

Directives relatives au service d’ombudsman du Conseil des EPF 23 May 2012 Françoise Chardonnens

The directives outline the procedure to be followed when employees of the ETH domain report behaviour which is legally or ethically inappropriate (hereinafter “whistleblowing”) of which they have become aware in the context of their activity within the ETH domain. Directives from the ETH Board concerning the duty of information for ETH and research institutions with regards to specific incidents

Directives du Conseil des EPF concernant le devoir d’information des EPF et des établissements de recherche en cas d’incidents particuliers 5 July 2017 Françoise Chardonnens

These directives define which behaviors must be reported by the President of the EPFL to the Presidency of the ETH Board. And the procedure to follow.

1.8.1 Whistleblowing

Whistleblowing 14 August 2017, Status as at 28th August 2019 Françoise Chardonnens
Implementation of the whistleblowing procedure allows EPFL members to report any serious misconduct that may occur as soon as possible.

This document presents the rights of individuals affected by an administrative enquiry.