PhD candidates

4.5.1 Salaries of PhD candidates Décision sur l’introduction d’un salaire de base et d’un salaire complémentaire pour les assistants doctorants 1st January 2008 Susanna Swann Lettre concernant le salaire des assistants doctorants 11 July 2007 Susanna Swann Exposé des motifs concernant la décision de direction Status as at 22 June 2007 Susanna Swann Exposé des motifs et décision Status as at 30 May 2007 Susanna Swann
Within the framework of the introduction of the New Salary System (NSS) at EPFL, a fixed salary system is henceforth applied for staff categories outside the NSS. The decision and the above documents explain the functioning of the fixed rates and annual increases that incorporate both recognition of experience and cost of living increases.
In addition to the fixed rate salary, provision is made for the payment of an additional salary depending on attribution criteria.