Research Commission

Missions of the EPFL Research Commission

Generally speaking, the Research Commission aims to promote academic careers in Switzerland and research at EPFL. The Research Commission is also a consultative body of the EPFL Direction for research matters.

3.3.1 Research Commission

Regulations of the Research Commission 2013, status as at 10th September 2018 Kay Severin

3.3.2 Integrity in research

Directive concerning research integrity and good scientific practice 1st of May 2009, status as at 1st January 2017 Françoise Chardonnens
This document defines the basic principles for the planning, execution, presentation and evaluation of research work that apply to all EPFL members involved in scientific research (including students and technical staff).

3.3.3 Scientific integrity

Ordinance on the procedure in cases of suspected scientific misconduct 23 March 2009,
status as at 1st January 2018
Françoise Chardonnens
This ordinance applies to teaching staff, PhD candidates, scientific staff, students associated with a research group, guests associated with an EPFL group and its research activities and concerns cases of breaches of scientific integrity. A breach of scientific integrity is considered to have been committed when there has been deliberate intention to deceive a recipient, the public or the scientific community in the exploitation, diffusion and publication of ideas, concepts, theories, methods or experimental data.

See also Deontology and ethics and Compliance Guide and report instances sections.

Research contracts and technology transfer

See document 3.4.1 under Technology Transfer.