Technology Transfer

Technology transfer and industrial relations

The missions of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) are to:

  • Facilitate the transfer of research results to the economy
  • Elaborate technology transfer strategies for new technologies developed at EPFL
  • Protect and manage EPFL intellectual property
  • Negotiate collaboration and technology transfer agreements
  • Encourage the creation of start-ups (in collaboration with the Science Park) Ordinance on intangible assets in the EPF Domain

Ordonnance du Conseil des EPF sur les biens immatériels et les participations dans le domaine des EPF 9 juillet 2014 Françoise Chardonnens

This ordinance (previuously Ordonnance sur les biens immatériels et les participations dans le domaine des EPF) establishes the rights and obligations of staff of the EPF Domain concerning intellectual property (intangible assets such as inventions, software, scientific texts, etc.) that they create in the course of their activity for the EPF.

Directives sur les participations au sein du domaine des EPF 9th July 2014 Françoise Chardonnens

This directive sets out the rules and regulations concerning the creation of legal entities under private law and shares in legal entities.

Annexe 1 Conseil des EPF  28 et 29 septembre 2016 CEPF Participations dans les entreprises

Annex 2: Check-list for investments in companies

3.4.1 Research contracts and technology transfer

EPFL directive on research contracts and
technology transfer (DSCRTT)
27 May 2013, status as at 23 April 2019 Matthias Gäumann

This Directive governs:

  • responsibilities and processes regarding the negotiation and signing of grant and research contracts, in particular with industrial partners, as well as other contracts in the field of research such as scientific service contracts and NDAs;
  • management of EPFL intellectual property, technology transfer contracts and income from marketing intellectual property;
  • EPFL acquisition of holdings in start-ups;
  • authority in the field of legislation on dual-use goods and technology.

As for the rules governing overheads, they are now included in the Financial Regulations, see LEX 5.1.1

Creation of or participation in start-ups

The document Personal agreement professor or employee must be signed when a professor or employee participates financially in a start-up or holds a position in one. This document is based on the Directives concerning the management of conflicts of interest (see below) and embodies the principles that are intended to protect the interests of staff members, EPFL and third parties within the framework of interactions with start-ups.

Consulting also the procedure in the event of conflicts of interest concerning the acquisition of goods and services for start-ups : see LEX 5.8.3 under Purchases.